What is an Ideal Customer Avatar & How to create a customer avatar?

What is an Ideal Customer Avatar & How to create a customer avatar?

What makes a great marketing campaign?

Return On Investment, Leads, Brand awareness, New Customers and a surge of huge increase in sales are the result of a great marketing campaign, but they aren’t what makes it great.

A great marketing campaign promotes the right product/service to the right people, at the right price, on the right platform and at the right time.

The problem most of the businesses face is that even after designing an amazing product, their product doesn’t sell or even if does, the conversion rate is very very low!!!

You know why? it’s simply because they take vague guesses about their customer’s tastes, preferences, and financial capabilities. Sometimes these guesses get lucky, sometimes they don’t.

A smart marketer will always try to figure their ideal customers in the right way instead of making these vague guesses.

But what is the right way to figuring out the ideal customer?…. Well, It is creating an IDEAL CUSTOMER AVATAR!!!

Taking guesses & assumptions isn’t good enough anymore, and there simply isn’t any excuse for it.

First, let’s understand what is the meaning of ideal customer avatar.

A customer avatar is a detailed profile of your ideal customer. It doesn’t make assumptions or categorize people into groups. The avatar focusses on one person and outlines everything about them. It goes into much greater depth than a regular marketing persona, providing marketers with many more targeting tools.

“In simple words, Customer avatar means to draft an artificial customer which represents the majority of your customers”

It’s crucial that you create the customer avatar.  Because it helps you to find what the majority of your customer wants.

The ideal customer is somebody who is most likely to buy your product/service.

Why you need a customer avatar-

“If everyone is your customer then no one is your customer”

This means if you try to target everyone then you will get nothing in your hand. That’s why you have to be very specific while targeting the customers so that you can get maximum conversions out of your campaign.

Who Needs a Customer Avatar?  

Every business! Yes… Each and every business will benefit from having their own customer avatar.

One of the most common marketing mistakes people make in digital marketing is broad targeting. They want to sell their products/services to everyone.

This usually results in one of the following problems:

  1. Brands and businesses who try to appeal to everyone, actually end up appealing to nobody.
  2. Marketers who try to speak everyone’s language, connect with nobody.
  3. Businesses who attempt to reach everyone, spend way over the odds and (rarely) reach their target market (especially their ideal customer).

It’s very crucial that you know your target customer.

The better you know your target market, the more people you’ll be able to connect with your customers & the more trusted customers you’ll build.

Benefits of having a customer avatar

  • Ideal Product: You will be able to create a product that your customer wants.
  • Easy conversions: When you have a clear customer avatar in mind. You will be able to serve your customers with what they exactly want. You will be able to easily convert your potential customers into actual customers.
  • Content Marketing: A customer avatar uncovers the pain points of your ideal customer, allowing you to produce content that solves and appeals to your customer’s needs. If you will be able to solve your customer’s real pain points, your brand will be much more appealing!
  • Good ROI: when you run ads, it’s crucial that you get the most out of it because when time and money are involved, you must give your ads every opportunity to perform at their optimum. Understanding everything about your ideal customer allows you to target them precisely and the better you target them, the better the ROI you will get out of your ads.
  • User Experience: When you know who your ideal customer is, you can create the perfect experience for them beginning with their first interaction, web visit, and purchase. A perfect user experience guarantees repeat custom and referrals.

How To Create a Customer Avatar

Now we know the importance of customer avatar, it’s time to create one-


The first thing you need to do in order to make your ideal customer avatar is designing a questionnaire. This questionnaire must have all the questions that can get you everything about them, everything from their demographics to psychographics.

customer avatar template

It’s crucial that you’re very specific while you prepare the questionnaire.

 For example, if my niche is Recruitment services, then my questionnaire will contain questions like-

  1. What’s your name?
  2. What’s your age?
  3. What’s your gender?
  4. Your highest qualification?
  5. Which category do you fall into?
  6. Where do you live?
  7. What are your career goals?
  8. Ideal Salary you desire
  9. What are your Strengths and weaknesses?
  10. etc

This information will help me to provide better recruitment opportunities to my customers based on their qualification, age, strengths, weaknesses, etc.


Now that we have the required information about our customers we need to make a customer avatar out of this information on the basis of what the majority of customers answered.

Let’s Suppose this is the information I have got from my survey-

  • 60% of my customers are between 18-25
  • 65% of my customers are male
  • 90% of my customers are graduate
  • 50% of my customers live in tier 3 cities
  • 70% of my customers desire to have the annual salary of 6-10 Lakhs

So, on the basis of this information, I will create my customer avatar(an artificial customer who represents the majority of my customers).

So, let’s start-

First of all, let’s give it a name. giving a name will make your customer avatar easy to remember and helps you flesh out an artificial character.


Manish is a male graduate, aged between 19-25, living in a tier-3 city. He is a very hard working guy who is still looking for a job. He is still living with his parents. His pain point is that he wants a secure job that can make him 6-10 lakhs annually.

Your business can also have more than one customer avatar depending on your customer base.


Making a customer avatar should be the first step in your marketing strategy. It creates a foundation for targeting and allows everyone in your business to understand exactly who you’re striving to attract.

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