• What is self esteem?

Self esteem is what we think about ourselves when we see ourselves in mirror what we feel inside as well as outside personally !! In short we can say what us our image in our own eyes is SELF ESTEEM

When we do good we feel good why? Because we we did something which raised our values and increases our self love .
Our opinion about ourself is self esteem.

  • Type of self esteem

It may be high or low .

The person with high self esteem are founded more successful . Sounds obvious because they are ready to take responsibility with confidence and shows risk taking abilities. They are optimistic , ambitious, and motivated in nature. Self esteem is nothing but the “self concept “

When we start thinking positive nd confident aboutindian ourselves we feel the same for others which rise our value socially .

There is a difference between high self esteem and ego. Yes!! Having high self esteem doesn’t mean that you continously try to prove yourself right every .

If someone make mistakes he/she must accept it which shows there high self esteem !!

We all have met few people in our life which are basically gossip mongers who never try to go up rather start to pull others down. We can categorize these kind of people who has low self esteem, they are hypocritical, touchy in nature , they are close minded and self centered or selfish , greedy and even shows dual personality sweet to some and opposite to others . They pretend something which they doesn’t own. #mentalhealth #selfesteem #selflove


The only difference between HIGH self esteem and LOW self esteem is “EGO”
Ego is something which hurdle a person from achieving high goals !
Everyone has both characteristics . The only thing we can do is avoid low self esteem characters as much as possible .

In short just evaluate the things and try to raise your image in own eyes rather than others!!


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