Protein can be used to treat obesity

Protein can be used to treat obesity

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So it is a major problem of obesity for most of the innocent lazy ones. They want to reduce their body extra mass without any workout. People often take the risk to do surgery to remove the extra mass to avoid unnecessary obese problems.

Often many people consider the obesity problem so lightly and later have to pay for their deeds like diabetes, cholesterol, and many more. Now, what if we can prevent this without any extra problem? So there is a happy news for them. Scientists from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, LA, mentioned that they have stumbled upon a novel protein Bam 15.

Their work, “BAM15‐mediated mitochondrial uncoupling protects against obesity and improves glycemic control,” is issued in EMBO Molecular Medicine. 

Small molecule mitochondrial protonophore uncouplers reduce mitochondrial coupling efficiency which results in the increased nutrient oxidation further results in the formation of a given amount of ATP. The mitochondrial uncoupler 2,4-dinitrophenol (DNP) had shown the reducing capability of obesity in humans. However, DNP has a small window between effective and toxic doses.

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Now there are many alternatives to reduce the obesity but one such alternative is that you can exercise daily or there are other pharmaceutical methods too but that can only only help you till 10%. But this cannot help you to eradicate your complete problems caused because of your obesity.

Many of you may have heard about the slim belt, promising exercises, and many pills which guarantee you that it will help you in decreasing obesity. But each has a dark side effect, except for exercises they are healthy no doubt.

Another alternative

One alternative is dieting, every single girl considers this as the best solution that if they start their dieting then they will get a promising result. It’s not the case, one of the worst alternatives is dieting, Think for a moment what will happen if you stop watering a plant and then start watering it. The leaves would wrinkle and fall off and new leaves will form, right?

Now, why do the leaves wilt? To expose off the unnecessary things from it. What about our body? When we diet our body tends to store the fat as a safety store and start to use up the nutrients stored in our muscles cause we are starving our body. As a result, our body will be stressed.

Exactly how BAM 15 reduces obesity?

Now the main question is about the mechanism, how does this works actually?

The BAM 15 when tested on C57BL/6J mice it increased the mitochondrial respiration rate and the endurance was maintained nicely. As a result, the body fat was efficiently reduced and all the respirational activities were increased without putting stress on it. This protein unlike other medications does not reduce the amount of food we intake but simply increases the respiration rate and utilizes up all the glucose available.

BAM15 prevents weight gain, fat buildup, and reduces blood sugar. Source: Kathryn Pergola

This protein specifically increased the sensitivity level of the muscles in C57BL/6J mice to use up the glucose efficiently and the insulin too. So more susceptible to insulin and hence we can say that the mice was resistant to the weight gain.

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