Launching the Covid-19 tracking app Arogya Setu

Launching the Covid-19 tracking app Arogya Setu

Corona tracking app Arogya Setu, will alert the infected person as soon as they arrive, will give tips to prevent infection, will alert the infected person as soon as they arrive, will give tips to prevent infection.

We all had a fear in our minds that how can we go outside with this terrible virus. What if we get caught in this death trap unknowingly? We can easily drag our whole family into this and this might kill them and the social distancing might be in pain. So the government of India finally came up with an auspicious idea which keeps the track of those people who have been tested positive for corona virus. Let us read further and find out what exactly this app is?


Arogya setu

  • The app works by tracking the user’s smartphone Bluetooth and location.
  • It works in 11 languages, and this app will be available for both the Android and iOS users.

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New Delhi. In order to give accurate and accurate information about the corona to the people, the Government of India has officially launched the new app Arogya Setu. Both Android and iOS users will be able to use it. It has been prepared by the National Informatics Center under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. Through this app, not only accurate and correct information will be conveyed to the user about Coronavirus or Covid-19 but they will also be prevented from coming in contact with any Corona infected person.

How the app will work

Arogya Setu which in Sanskrit means Health Bridge. The app also has a chatbot in which users give correct answers to questions related to the corona epidemic. Through this, not only will the user be able to identify the symptoms of corona inside but the app also detects whether the user has come in contact with a corona infected person unknowingly.

Based on this, it advises the user to take the next step. If users are in a ‘high risk’ area, the app advises them to get corona virus test done, call the helpline and visit the nearest health center. For this, the app has been linked to the corona victims database, although it will also gradually build the app’s own database. The app gives the user tips to protect against this pandemic but also informs the government if found infected.

Which language will this app support?

Corona tracker app Arogya Setu currently will work in 11 different languages ​​including Hindi and English. It works by accessing Bluetooth and location. To use it, first, the user has to be registered in the app by mobile number. After this, the app will ask for some personal information from the user, which is optional. Talking about privacy, the government claims that all the important information on the app will be stored in encrypted form and will not be shared with any third party vendor.

You can download the app from here.

The Health Ministry will also be able to see live tweets

After reaching the home screen of the app, it will tell the user through the location whether it is safe or not. Android users will also be able to see live tweets made by the Ministry of Health. However, both Android and Apple versions will get almost similar features, including Corona-related advisories.

According to the report last week, NITI Aayog is also working on the Corona Tracker app, named COVIN-20. Next Web claims that the Arogya Setu app is the final version of Covin-20. Apart from this, many state governments have launched Corona Tracking App so that people can be vigilant and this virus can be dealt with as soon as possible. 

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