Getting internet speed less than 1 mbps?

Getting internet speed less than 1 mbps?

If you are also facing the problem of slow internet connection then you can follow some steps which might help you get your internet speed too much better.

  • All companies have given most of their employees work from home.
  • Now because of the network traffic, the internet lags a lot.
  • This may be a very good reason for the hindrance to the work from home guys.

Internet lagging?

Workers from almost all companies are doing work from home due to the coronavirus epidemic. Most of these employees are working with the help of the internet. In this case, if you are also doing work from home and the internet is getting slow speed from the router. Then lets have some tips to sort the problem from its root itself.

1. Change the position of the router.

If you have kept the router in the house or hidden, then it is necessary to change its location. Actually, the higher the router is above the ground, the better the network will come. In such a situation, place it on a high table or stool. If you are keeping it somewhere where it’s hidden or under something then elevation is the best chance. But its also not advised to keep the router outside of your home to increase the speed it may absorb moisture in the morning time and you might get your router short-circuited.


2. Distance from metal objects.

The router should not have any metal objects. Because of the metal thing, the signal of the router is disturbed, which slows down the internet speed. Usually, we all say that metal conducts but it’s not the same case with the router, metal hinders the signal because of its conductivity and other properties. So it is advised to keep away the router from metal objects.

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3. Place the router around the window.

It also doesn’t mean that router should be placed outside or It should not even be kept in a place where there is a thick concrete wall. Signals are quite week at such places too. If possible, place it on the side of a window. The position of the router should be in the middle of the house, so that the speed from all parts of the house is better.

4. Keep the router away from the microwave.

Keep the router away from the microwave, as the frequency emitted from the microwave when it is turned on can weaken the router’s network.

5. Good speed on a single device

If the router has multiple devices connected, then the speed will slow down. However, if you wish, one device can get more speed. For this, by going to the settings of the router, you will have to do that on the device in which you want faster speed. So if there are lesser people and their devices are unnecessarily connected then it is best to switch the number of people who can access to a limit.

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6. Avoid signal from another router

If you have a router in your neighborhood and its signals are interfering with your router’s signal, then you will get internet speed slow. In such a situation, with the help of the Wi-Fi laser app, you can find out where your router is getting disturbed. Interfere can be stopped by changing the Wi-Fi channel from here. Here too the frequency of both the routers may interfere.

7. Check the router too.

Your router may also have a problem. In this case, if the internet speed is not coming right after all the settings are correct, then you should change the router itself.

8. Test the Speed.

You can check the internet speed of the router with the Speed ​​Test app. Information on both download and upload speeds is available here. It would be really great if we can get the actual performance of our routers.

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