How to Stop Procrastinating in 6 Practical Steps

How to Stop Procrastinating in 6 Practical Steps

Our biggest enemy- Procrastinating and laziness.

Everyone has dreams, Everyone has the talent yet only some of us make it into reality. You might think it’s about circumstances and opportunities but in real its way simpler than that. It all depends on focus and taking the first step and sticking to it. But we all do not even take the first step because of procrastinating.

We all once had that start-up idea but we didn’t execute it, why? because we procrastinated.

Just think what would have happened if you stopped procrastinating back then and executed that idea?

You might still be procrastinating and probably that’s the reason why you are reading this blog but you know Now is the time to stop procrastinating, and to help you get started I have summed up 6 practical steps to stop Procrastinating. So, let’s get started-

6 practical steps to stop Procrastinating.

Find your motivation behind the task.

How to stop procrastinating  (Find your motivation behind the task)

Find out what good this particular task gonna bring to you, whether it is money or any other benefits. This will primarily help you to motivate yourself to take the first few steps.

Check the actual size of the task.

Check the actual size of the task

Grab a paper and pen and break the task into smaller pieces.

How many steps do you have? How many hours does it will take? How many resources do you think you would need? Just write down each and everything.

Now you have a pretty much idea of everything related to this task.

Understand the task step by step

How to stop procrastinating (understand the task step by step)

Do you know exactly what it means to accomplish the task? Can you explain the walkthrough?

After breaking the task into smaller parts/steps now you gotta understand what action you need to take in every step.

Do the 5 why’s Exercise

Find why you wanna the task

When trying to stop Procarasting this thing helps you the most.

Ask yourself these questions “why do I want to do this”, “what good will it bring to me” and answer. then ask again, like a curious child. Repeat question 3 more time.

This will help you to clear your mental obstacles and will remove any doubts you had before.

Change the Environment

Change the working environment

Mostly we start doing everything right from our home but where do you think you get distracted the most? obviously in your home. So when executing the task make sure you execute it somewhere, where there is no one to distract you.

Call a friend to help you

How to stop procrastinating (call a friend to help you)

A lot of people like me:) starts procrastinating when we see that there is no one watching over us. So, call someone who can watch over you strictly so that you won’t procrastinate.

Another reason to call/ask someone to help is, many people start getting lazy and demotivating when they have to do everything on their own. that’s why getting the help of a friend is recommended here.

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Make a commitment to a friend or a family member that you know will ask if you did the task or not.

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