How to make your Instagram Account Attractive?

How to make your Instagram Account Attractive?

Nowadays, in this validation hungry generation, social networking sites play a major role in life. Our daily updates, pictures, stories, etc. matters a lot to present our personality. In this generation, your friends will judge you on the basis of your profile, likes, followers.

Nowadays, everyone wants to earn fame and for that, they need a tonne of followers on social media accounts. But that is not easy at all but here at howdzy, you’ll get to know how to pull this up.

If you want to increase followers on social networking sites especially Instagram, then your profile needs to look appealing…very appealing!

So, in this article, we’ve talked about how you can make your Instagram profile attractive in just 2 minutes.

1. Keep Your Username Simple & Easy to Spell.

Username plays a very important role in your profile. As the new person will notice your username first of all. So if you want to build a strong profile on Instagram or on any other platform you’ve to make sure that your username is very clear and it defines what your account is all about.

Suppose, you want to start an account/page on food then you can use different terms in your username like daily_meal, belly_timber, etc. You can see that these usernames are simple, to the point & they clearly define the purpose of page/account.

2. Your Bio Must Define What You Do.

After your username, the person will definitely check out your bio. So basically you need to write a short and crisp bio which seems to indicate your personality and the work you do. You can write about all the things that you gonna post in your feed.

Like the way, this boy has written everything about his personal obsessions which easily indicates that this boy is a multi-talented guy. This boy easily describes his versatile nature in bio which can easily attract someone to check out his feed and eventually hitting up that follow button.

3. Categorize the Collection of Your Best Stories in Highlights.

We all are familiar with stories, we update all of our daily stuff on stories be it memes, videos, or sneezy selfies. But as we all know that are our stories will disappear after 24 hours and people won’t be able to see them anymore.

But If you want to show any particular story on our profile you can do it with highlights. You can change the cover of your highlights and can even name that particular highlight. And believe me, decorating the highlights can really make your profile stand out. For example, see this…

As you can see in the above picture that this guy has categorised his stories in highlights and its looking amazing. you can be as creative as you want with highlights to tweak it acccording to your taste.

4. Include Caption in Posts.

When it comes to your feed, it shows all your posts which visually narrate the stuff you do. Even tho the main thing that describes your feed is images but you cant leave the captions empty! Caption not only help you get more reach, but it also describes what that image is all about.

5. Remove Ugly Tagged Images.

As your friends, family members, coworkers will definitely tag you on various posts on Instagram and but you can’t let it be. You would certainly want to remove the ugly looking images and with the grace of God you can do it too.

You can remove all those embarrassing posts from your feed(tagged section) with the use of an option called “remove me from the post”.

Well, that’s all for today! I hope you loved these tips and will definitely implement them. If you have any other questions you can go ahead and comment below.

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