How To Concentrate On Studies (5 steps)

How To Concentrate On Studies (5 steps)

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Easier said than done right? Everyone has this kind of problem how can I concentrate on my studies but no promising solution is satisfactory for us, right?

No worries dude! I will hand you the torch and now its totally upto you either take that torch and use it by burning up the garbage present in your brain or just ignore it and let the garbage flourish inside your brain.

It’s totally upto you to follow the path of Fizu Bhai and get free memes made on u or be a guy who can do whatever he wants and what’s good for him.


Now you will ask what’s this meme doing here. Right?

Remember 1 thing if you manage to improve your concentration skills then you yourself will try to improve your language skills.

So i guess you’ve got my point now. Moving on

Steps to be followed to concentrate

Guess what? You need to fulfill some of the factors before studying rather they are just some requirements provided by your brain or your system will show error while trying to concentrate on your studying.


Step 1

Do answer a question. If you have a date, which place would you prefer? A candlelight dinner or some messy and crowded Dhaba where chotu doesnt even take a bath for at least a week to save water. yuck!


Yeah yeah i think you would prefer a more quite, budget friendly and romantic place right?

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So the first step is to find a place that is quiet and suitable to feed your brain. So you should clean all the dirty mess you made with your study materials and books.

Now you may have a question in your mind, “The things which are messed up are books and they are holy how can you clean up something which is already so pure?”

Fine go and eat near cow dung. It’s also holy go and do so..

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NO right? just like that your brain too needs a romantic place where the information can rightly sink into it. So the first thing is to find the best place for your brain.

Remember one thing there may be many articles saying that while studying direction does matter. To a certain point yes it does matter if u think so. Don’t let anyone tell you any damn directions. You know how to pave a direction for yourself. I don’t remember any great minds telling us about directions. Speaking scientifically sleeping in a specific direction may matter but not with the studies part. You gotta respect mother earth then only she would help you.

Step 2

After selecting a perfect place the next thing is to choose the light which you will use to read under. This would have a great impact on your eyes. This will decide would you fly or would you concentrate on your studies.

If you go for dimmer lights then it’s a perfect place where you can daydream and after few minutes some extraterrestrial creatures may infiltrate inside your mind and soon you start to overthinking things.


You may also think of different kinds of stuff which almost consists of situations which defy science. All these thoughts if combined can be a great movie and you may win an award for the best director. Congrats bud.

So to avoid all these don’t select a place which is too comfy or you will start to make your own movies.

You should select a place where the lights are not too bright or too dim or you will impact your eyes for sure.

Step 3

You gotta choose what you are learning and you should write it down this will help you to physically keep your eyes on your goal too.


There is a research which states that when you write down your goal then there is a positive chance that u might finish your target successfully.

If you think writing is laziness then you have to abandon this thinking because your body has physical memory too so if you write your goal down then you might finish it.

Step 4

My mother always say If you have trouble in sleeping then take a book and start reading. Each and every time when I did that it worked. Hurray, my insomnia due to my overusesage of smartphone was cured. This even happened when I tried to study on my study table.

Monkey Sleeping While Study Funny Picture

So later I got the reason why this happened and the reason was maintaining the wrong posture while studying. Initially, my back hurt when I studied with correct posture later it was a cup of tea. You should always maintain the correct posture for studies. Or you will end up with backaches.

Image result for correct posture for writing | Health

Step 5

The last and main step is to keep away your distractions. Always keep away those things that distract you in your studies. Or else you will be unable to study.

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Now when everything is in place still you can’t focus on your studies. If this is the case then you can play some soft music in low volume and then try. This will keep you away from your miracle universe.

We all have heard one phrase from everywhere ” Everyone has the same brain God never discriminated, he gave everyone an equal amount of brain.” Well, I gotta ask you one thing then, Dishes taste different if made by different individuals right? God gave equal brain that’s ok but the composition and understanding part of the brain is different.

If that were to be the case then everyone would have been Sir Galileo and Sir Nicola Tesla. No right? But yes one thing to be certain if you are dumb then you gotta concentrate and hustle twice as much as a normal guy.

Buddy we all are warriors there is always one thing we all work for and that’s our dream.

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You are good to go bud remember one thing you are on your own so you should hustle hard and struggle for your success. Don’t struggle too much or you will end up like her.


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