Why do people judge us based on how we dress?
It is very true that your dressing style does not decide what you are but at the same time if you look at today’s scenarios we have to Remember one thing first impression will always be the best impression, you gotta keep your standards in dressing sense high or else you will be judged to be less worthy
. It ‘s a bitter truth which one can not deny.
Well it totally depends on how people think
Every person has its different mentality on the dressing sense and fashion styling.


Somehow it is important to have proper information about fashion style.
Before moving ahead one must be clear about the word “fashion style” basically on analysing word, we can divide it into two parts that is “fashion” and “style.”
Fashion . fashion is nothing but the accessories and clothes which are popular for specific time period and
Style . is however you specific yourself through coverings, clothings and accessories.

Guys!! everything has highs and lows , positive and negative points . We can’t just deny or ignore fashion style instead we must keep disadvantage in our mind so that it cannot affect others life as well as our plus we must be aware about positive points too. #FASHIONBLOG #style #fashionworld #shobu08photography

  • A good fashion style enhance the boldness of individual . It additional cause you to stand call at a crowd to seem completely different and distinctive.
  • A good fashion style tells what proportion someone is up to this point with all the new and approaching designs and trends.
  • Models follow strict rules on their diet to keep up their good model form.
  • Some youth tends to feel insecure concerning themselves after they see these models on magazine and crave to be like them, thereby having serious disorder.
  • when someones crave for fashion style is too high their is maximum possibilities of crime. It may include retail theft or personal assaults.


Never try to run in a marathon of fashion , just simply create your own and never wear or buy anything to impress others .

If you are satisfied from inside then there is no need of someone else’s comment on you.
But yes always be updated and always try to evolve yourself according to the changing world.
As we all know as darwin said “evolving according to the environment will determine the survival of fittest”

and remember one thing
showing your booties or asses never make u cool. It just shows how pity u are because there would be no difference between a poor and you .


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One thought on “FASHION STYLE

  1. “assaulting self ” just for the sake of fashion and to catch the attention of people who even doesnt know you.This fact is not easy to digest but many of us do so.These kinda things(self assaulting) just get stuck in mind.This took my attention and i hope with this brilliant article many others will take it as a matter of concern and will try to aware people about this.

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