Exam fear: How to unleash the power within? (2.0)

Exam fear: How to unleash the power within? (2.0)

Now, this is my promise you will think about the exam fear in a different perception more like in a Nagarpalika way.

exam fear

There goes an interesting and world-famous fact “Like charges repel and negative ones attract”. There is a reason why I mentioned it. I too had exam fears which made my fingers go numb and damn I couldn’t do a thing for it.

1. The truth of exam fear which only we students acknowledge.

Often we students deal with a lot of stress and exam fear which is the root cause of messing everything in exams, our parents misunderstand the fact as an excuse for not studying.

Now we all do have this question that how can we rise up from this problem.

2. How to deal with this exaggerating situation.

Don’t worry every problem have a solution, there isn’t a single problem which doesn’t have a solution. Even Thakur managed to live after getting both his hands cut then probably you can too.

Stop asking too many questions to yourself, at a point when you’ll ask “Man, am I capable of doing this?” and your brain will be like “no you can eat this… jis kism k jawab de sakta hu us kism k sawal pooch mjse”( quote from Harmonium chacha)… Now let’s move on to the answer which you were waiting for long.

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3. How to ohh chacha the exam fear…!!!!

We have a problem of overestimating and underestimating everything. What if we remove the cause from its root itself? We all do a thing which might cost a lot without even knowing and that is by stressing over too much.

Well, my first statement was ‘like charges repel’. Don’t learn anything at the last moment or you will be stressed. So be like Guddu bhaiya a fearless one. Now don’t watch movies at the last moment too or in the examination hall your brain will be like ‘oh bhai maro mujhe marooo, peeche dekho peeche‘ you will then disturb saraswati maa or your exam friends for nothing by begging them to tell you the answers.

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4. Methodology: Exam Fear.

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Well personally I love carrying researches a lot and if you take tension a lot then you will be inviting stress to your mind. So rather than taking stress just let the energy flow within.

A day before the exam just relax and calm your mind just take a quick peek on the short notes and calm down. Sleep and take an adequate amount of water and this will keep you hydrated.

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5. Contradiction.

Now you may ask that how can we stay calm in the case of exam fear its easier said than done. right? How can you say so easily? Buddy, first and foremost it’s not some movie or some web series in which you can move freely.

If you are tensed then listen to songs once and calm your mind and just try to remember the happy memories of yours. Now try to take deep breaths and this will help your brain cells to respire more and take out the toxin produced by it.

So even if possible for 5 minutes try to think nothing stay blank this will help you to focus on your goals(not on your friends answer sheet).

You may ask now that am I an asthmatic patient? Buddy taking long and slow breaths is the key for long and healthy lives, take the example of dog and turtle for an instant turtle breath damn slowly that’s why it has a long life whereas in case of dogs they do not respire slowly, When air gushes inside you, the lungs have time to relax.

6 Conclusion.

You should take rest and if you don’t feel like sleeping then play with you pet or just disturb you mom, that should do the trick and if you are going with the attitude yeah bud I am going to fail let’s see what the paper holds, at this time our brain thinks of a way by which it can manipulate our thinking capacity to such an extent that we can perform 30% more better and faster. you should act smart and think smart.


At last, I would like to say that exams are nothing, they aren’t meant to stop you. What do you normally do, when someone teases you or invites you to a fight? You kick off their asses, right? Similarly exam fear is mocking you, so don’t fear just face it like a lion and say to the exams ” Allah maaf kare bohot mahoos lag rhe ho rhne do mt karo tauba, tauba , Chacha aap rest krlo vrna rest in peace hojaoge” and am damn sure that there would not be a damn thing which can stop you.

All the best guys do well in your exams just drink plenty amount of water and exam fears are nothing but a hoax created by us in our mind it will create a turmoil if you don’t control it.

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