Breathing and speaking sounds will identify the deadly covid19

Breathing and speaking sounds will identify the deadly covid19

Breathing and speaking sounds will identify the symptoms of covid19, IISc Bengaluru researchers are making tools, doctors-nurses will avoid getting infected

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  • The project will detect symptoms through phonology.
  • Tool age, gender, and the location information will also be collected by this new invention.

New Delhi. Higher education institutions in the country are also helping the government to defeat Corona. Efforts are also being made to save the doctors and nurses engaged in saving the lives of people from getting infected. In view of this, researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) are designing a tool that will identify the symptoms of corona by recognizing breath, cough and speaking sounds. Once recognized, this tool will enable faster testing from the current testing process as well as reduce the risk of infecting health workers during treatment. This is surely a great initiative to begin with.

The new invention is being created based on the principles of sound.

Phonology has been named by the team of eight-member researchers who have identified the corona by speech and voice, named Coswara. It is claimed that this particular device has the capability to identify the symptoms through phonology. According to the researchers, the epidemic is spreading quite rapidly. In such a situation, it is very important to have a simple, low cost and fast testing component as India is the second largest in terms of the population, if the situation continues like this then there is a risk for the health workers too.

\We need a specific device that would test for the corona and report soon so we can carry on for the further diagnosis whatever available for the covid19. The most prominent symptom of the covid19 is breathing problems. In such a project, symptoms will be detected through phonology for which the recording of the patient’s breathing, coughing sounds and speaking and counting sounds will be done. The entire recording process will take only 5 minutes.

This particular device based on the phonology will also collect other information.

Along with the recording, this tool will also record the patient’s health status, which will include information about his age, gender, and location. This audio data will also be shared with other researchers in the world so that they can also create such a diagnostic tool through signal processing and machine learning.


This device will detect the various breathing patterns of the patient and then the decvice would already been caliberated with the base values which will be used to compare the breathing rates of that patient. Now according to me the japan is also using long range devices which can measure the body temperature of the humans.

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That devices work on the infrared so they could easily tell the heat signatures who is infected and who is disease free. It is happening only in india that some people are ruining other’s lives in the name of their religion falling for the fake preachers.

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In India liberals and seculars means having the authority to speak against other religion which is why we are lagging behind. Even in this worse conditions we should help and save the country by staying inside our homes but because of some people the cases are rising beyond 10k. That is the sole reason why we would need such devices so that there would be safety between health workers.

We Indians together are unstoppable but if we let others divide then there is nothing we can do but wait for the country’s demise. Now because of this invention the health workers can work much more safely.

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