Assistance from robots to fight of the deadly covid 19.

Assistance from robots to fight of the deadly covid 19.

Robots to be used in hospitals.


With the increase in the patients in hospitals, our government is taking steps to use bots in the hospitals for the safety of the nurses and other hospital ward members. Because of the interference of some people the situation of corona is much more worsened. This may lead our nation into the third stage of corona. So to deal with this exaggerating situation India may use the assistance of technology.

New Delhi .. Many countries around the world, including China, are taking the help of robots to fight Corona. They are not only doing sanitation work to the hospitals but are also providing food and medicines to the victims. So far more than 4 thousand cases of corona have been reported in India and 130 people have died. In such a situation, India is also preparing to take help of these robots in defeating Corona, so that the epidemic can be controlled as soon as possible.

Health workers, researchers and governments around the world are trying to control this epidemic. Corona has so far hit more than 200 countries. So far, more than 12 lakh cases have been reported and more than 69 thousand deaths have been reported. The World Health Organization has advised to keep social distancing to prevent infection. It has become a major challenge for humans to deliver essential goods to their homes and to treat the victims in high risk areas, so these robots are proving to be very helpful in better treatment of the infected.

To prevent the epidemic, 14 robots along with 14 field hospital staff were deployed at Hongshan Sports Center in Wuhan city, China. These bots have been created by the Beijing robotics company Cloudmind. They not only do cleanliness but also deliver medicines to the victims and also check their body temperature.

क्लाउमाइंड कंपनी का रोबोट जो कोरोना से लड़ने में चीन की मदद कर रहा है

The CloudMind company’s robot that is helping China fight Corona.

There are many positive aspects too.

  • It is much safer to use robots than a nurse approaching the patients.
  • We can easily disinfect robots by using UV rays or any other sterlization technique.
  • Robots are much reliable than humans.
  • Social distancing can be followed easily
  • Violent patients can no longer tease the nurses or other doctors.
  • Many nurses can be relieved from this dreadful situation.

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Tests are running in many places in India and many startup companies are ready to assist in making robots.

  • India is also preparing to hire robots to fight Corona. Trial is also going on at Jaipur Government Hospital Sawai Man Singh regarding humanoid robot, in which it is being seen whether these robots can be used to deliver medicines and food to the infected corona infected here. Officials say that this will prevent hospital staff from getting infected.
  • Apart from this, Kerala-based startup company Esimov Robotics has developed a three-wheeled robot. The company says that these robots will act as assistants to the infected in the isolation ward. These will deliver food and medicines to the victims, which are being done by nurses and doctors till now, which increases their risk of getting infected.
  • However, taking the help of robots in place of humans may make people feel insecure about the job, but scientists believe that the use of robots will not only give the medical staff some rest but also reduce the risk of getting infected.
  • According to an article published in the journal Science Robotics, robots are not only doing the work of de-infection of places, but are also working in public areas to check the temperature of people. Apart from this, quarantine people are also giving social support to make them feel lonely. According to the researchers, samples of people’s nose and throat are also working for this testing.

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